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Cat Yoga

Posted by HeadMistressSeven - March 6th, 2018

I tried to get through yoga and meditation today but it was unsuccessful. One reason was that my cat also wanted to do yoga. Here is a list of the crap I had on my mind while I was supposed to be focused on yoga and meditation: 

1. EMPs and nuclear Fallout--- I've been super obsessed with EMP attacks lately, as a result of the February books I read in @Jackho 's  reading challenge

2. Making creme brulee' ---- I really want to get a kitchen torch so I can make creme brulee'

3. changing my user name to @cast

4. If turtles could fly, we'd have busted windshields from hitting them. I'd try not to hit turtles though.

5. I still haven't dyed my hair, and I still don't know what color I wanna do

6. Imagine if they filmed a live action pacman 

7. Oh, remember the Neverending Story!

8. Why don't I get fun texts anymore? I only get boring adult texts. 


Some of my art made the front page!


If you haven't considered becoming a supporter for newgrounds, please do. 

https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/ Has a new album up! Always good stuff! @realfaction

Ok, I'm off to do some baking! 

Here's the song I am currently obsessed with. 


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Thanks for the shoutout :) also you look absolutely lovely. Auburn red would be a pretty color on you. If you don't want to be that colorful, perhaps a light brown? Or even a bold move to blonde. But Auburn Red is my first choice. Glad you're doing well.

I am thinking red too, but I have business in April, and I need it not red for that, lol
Maybe this summer!

PS: Justin Timberlake is a big inspiration of mine growing up, I went to choir for singing and I'm mostly self taught, but I studied his voice as well as others to improve my different types of singing. Also I'm obsessed with this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3g9dIA001s

I hadn't heard this one!
You are the Justin Timberlake of NG!

Well awh <3 I don't know about that, but thank you :) that's flattering.


Your cat looks pleased :3

He's my bff, I couldn't be mad at him for putting kitty butt in my face.

I just got so hard.


But.. You said.....

Hey, you said some things.
I said some things.
Let's not do this right before our wedding.

I'm still looking at your boobies.

This pic was just for you

You're just kidding though. He's mine.

You cannot have my cat. He's my fluffy bff and is going to bed with me tonight. I am scratching behind his ears.

Better scratch eight of your list.


You'll see.


I'm going to live action pac man you in a minute.

hahahahahah STAHPP

Creative brainflow: OK! XD That Neverending Story does ring a bell hmm, what WAS it... it must have ended somewhere...

Also why a human and cat can't collaborate in this act of mutually recreative exercise: baffling.

Also does this have anything to do with that insanity workout?

No, I do yoga IN ADDITION to the insanity workout.

Sounds insane! XD

I am insane.

to respond to the comment on ur last post

Boooooo playstation 4lyfe!!!!

Fallout 2 is the one I've played the least to be fair & I don't think I've ever even beaten it, but off the top of my head there's a good few niggles that knock it down for me, one is annoying ass enemies like enclave patrols that just make me want to ALT+F4 whenever they show up (NV pulled this too with those FUCKING cazadors), the total lack of ambiance from the first game unless you mod it in and too much jokes and goofiness compared to the first one. I felt like F1 was a brutal world with occasional sparks of dark humor or absurdism, F2 was going goofball right out the gate and having robots quote movies that shouldn't exist in this timeline, it felt like a weird shift that didn't sit right with me.

If that's somehow not nitpicky enough I also hate the mandatory trials at the very start, I know it's short but it puts me off starting it up again every time I think of it

If you can run Fallout 4 you can probably run a PS2 emulator as well and play Brotherhood of Steel that way. it's probably not good, but you'd have the rare claim of having played every fallout game

How do you get a ps2 emulator?

Most people I know who don't like fo2, don't like it because of the pop culture references.
I enjoy 4th wall breaking and such.

Now, the random enclave patrols are only around Navarro, which I think is done intentionally, to try to prevent your character from heading down south too soon. They want you to go through Klamath and the Den first.

I thought FO1 was WAY harder to beat than 2, because as a new player, you can wander right into the Lieutenant in the military base.

And omg the deathclaw nest. So many loads and reloads.

Fo2 felt darker to me though.

You could be a slaver in fo2.
There was rape in fo2.
Child killing.
Tons of prostitution.

Not that those are GOOD things, but. You know what I mean.

I have thought about practicing yoga, but I am not flexible enough to try.
btw, you are beautiful.

Thank you.
Try beginners yoga. I am not very flexible either, and I am not coordinated. I fall over during many balance poses.
You can do it!

PCSX2 is the main PS2 emulator, you just download the program and then the game's ISO & boot that shit up. With games that recent it's a gamble though how well each one is going to work.

You *can* wander into the military base off the bat but tbf it's not hugely likely and the imminent game over should set you on a better path.

I recall one of the reasons I found Fallout 2 harder is that a few of my go-to weapons from the first game are nerfed, and even just finding a half decent gun is a bit of a pain in the ass to start (though I'm sure there's shortcuts once you know the game).

In F2 you can do individually awful things but the tone offsets it I think. Like for an illustration of what I mean: you can mow down crowds of innocent people with a rifle in GTA but the whole game is presented as a shallow satire world where nothing matters and is full of snide humor. Now a game that's actually intended to be a bonafide mass shooting simulator would feel a whole lot more sinister, even if the graphics etc. were crude and unrealistic compared to GTA.

Any individual moment is kinda defined by the context that frames it. So F2 lets you do specifically darker things but the game overall gives you a goofier wasteland to be in, where the original is almost like Dark Souls in how it depicts a world that's been crushed beyond repair (& the humor present doesn't undermine it), it sort of serves to humanize the characters who inhabit it.

Yeah, I guess it's just our personal tastes.
Wasteland 2 had a good balance of goofy and dark, but just no replay value.

I didnt even know you were that attractive

Me neither


damn that pic is hot :o

here is a secret song i am only sharing with my coolest of cools


its about my heart

Hi BB!!!!
I feel special I got to hear the song.

whoa that was QUICK

how do u feel about the snippet

do u hear the heartbreak :(

I'm in a loud place, so I was holding my phone up to my ear.
Ima listen again at home.

Come eat Lucky Charms with me.

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