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HeadMistressSeven's News

Posted by HeadMistressSeven - 3 weeks ago

This week was insanely busy, and today specifically was crazy. Between "May the 4th be with you", preparations for Cinco De Mayo, and preparations for Free Comic Book Day---I'm tired. I had plans to do something for Pico Day, which is tomorrow, but grad school got the best of me. That said, I finished the semester with a 4.0 and now have a few weeks before diving in for summer classes. Late Pico Day project? I am way behind on art commissions and those of you I promised to mail art to, I didn't forget you. The envelopes are right here. Here are my pics of the week!  They include an exhausted selfie, a taco Star Wars selfie, a kitten, an ice cream cone, and a taco shark shirt. 




There's a TON of cool stuff going on, on newgrounds at the moment, aside from the wicked new user page redesign and of course Pico Day. 


******First, the current artist I am obsessed with: @DrewJohnson   https://drewjohnson.newgrounds.com/art

    This is his Carrie Fisher, which is currently on the front page, but OMG his pencil drawings. Pencil is one of my favorite mediums, and I'd like to get back to it. I don't have much pencil work posted here, but I have lots of it in my office. I love making it, I love looking at it, and Drew is the master of the pencil. 


******Next, the 5th annual Art-Inspired Music Contest   https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1431735

which is being headed up by tons of amazing people, including the talented @RealFaction and @ADR3-N 

******  And @AliceMako has another synthwave album out, which I dunno how she does it, as everything she releases just gets better and better and better!   https://alicemako.newgrounds.com/ 




and last but not least


I have quite a few friends----on here----YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE------who have been a bit down lately. 

They feel like their lives aren't really going anywhere, and that because they are in their 30s, it's too late to get anywhere. 

Guys, things are just getting started. So many people don't decide what they want to do until their 30s. So many people don't find that clarity until their 40s.

Don't give up. You are not a failure. 

Someone will always have more than you. 

You don't need the general public's approval to be happy. Just be happy. I know at 34, I am nowhere near finished with my plans. Maybe I'll build my own house. Maybe I'll move. Maybe I'll switch jobs. 

I'm going to do what I need to, in order to be happy.  I LOVE YOU ALL.



Posted by HeadMistressSeven - April 21st, 2018

I'm behind on my art and reading club shenanigans due to graduate school. I also decided, what a great time to start teaching myself animation again!

I am exhausted and in bed taking selfies with @cast and @FUNKbrs.....Welll not in bed with them but....you get what I'm saying...

I don't really have $500.00

Here's our selfies and a song I currently like. 

Love all yall. 










Posted by HeadMistressSeven - April 4th, 2018

 I only do art to make myself feel better, it's my hobby. The only catch is, I make a piece of art, and I feel better.......................for a few hours. Then whatever was bothering me comes back and I have to make MORE art. I am stuck in a continuous cycle of  :    be upset -----> make art------> be happy!!! -------> uh oh, remember all of the huge life-changing mistakes you've made you f*ck up? Better make more art.   ....  Rinse and repeat. 

It's kinda like the Winchester House, if you have ever read that story...... https://www.countryliving.com/life/travel/a45210/winchester-mystery-house/

I can't stop making art. So My office is full of it. It's everywhere. I'd like to just throw it away, but my family and friends won't let me. So who wants it?  I'll send you whatever piece you want for free. You just PM me your address. I'll send you the art. Some pieces are already taken but look through my art on my user page. I'll be happy to get rid of it. This pic is just some of the crap littering my office at the moment. (Please ignore my horribly messy floor.)

*In accepting art from me, you acknowledge that the art is probably cursed, as I am. 


Also back on Valentines Day, I shared a video I promised would get you laid, as it was currently the most romantic song that has existed. 

That song has been replaced with this one. 

I'm gonna ask my 12th husband if this can be our wedding song.............


Oh, and then this pic................



Posted by HeadMistressSeven - April 2nd, 2018

I had a lot of fun being @TomFulp for a day. This pic represents my feelings as April Fools Day ended, and I had to face the harsh reality that I was just SevenSeize once again. 


Posted by HeadMistressSeven - March 31st, 2018

Sometimes I forget these videos exist and rewatch them and everything is right in the world again. 

Oh and Happy Easter!!!


Posted by HeadMistressSeven - March 6th, 2018

I tried to get through yoga and meditation today but it was unsuccessful. One reason was that my cat also wanted to do yoga. Here is a list of the crap I had on my mind while I was supposed to be focused on yoga and meditation: 

1. EMPs and nuclear Fallout--- I've been super obsessed with EMP attacks lately, as a result of the February books I read in @Jackho 's  reading challenge

2. Making creme brulee' ---- I really want to get a kitchen torch so I can make creme brulee'

3. changing my user name to @cast

4. If turtles could fly, we'd have busted windshields from hitting them. I'd try not to hit turtles though.

5. I still haven't dyed my hair, and I still don't know what color I wanna do

6. Imagine if they filmed a live action pacman 

7. Oh, remember the Neverending Story!

8. Why don't I get fun texts anymore? I only get boring adult texts. 


Some of my art made the front page!


If you haven't considered becoming a supporter for newgrounds, please do. 

https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/ Has a new album up! Always good stuff! @realfaction

Ok, I'm off to do some baking! 

Here's the song I am currently obsessed with. 


Posted by HeadMistressSeven - January 24th, 2018

Do you want a Valentines Day card? I will send you one!

- PM me your mailing address by Feb. 4th 

- I will mail it with a return address that is NOT mine. Last time a few of yall tried sending stuff back to me. My friend, who does not live near me, received it, then had to get it to me. This is something I am doing for free! I appreciate it---but don't send anything back!

- Cards will be platonic in nature. In other words, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS.  Except for @ZJ 's because his postman stole the Christmas stuff I sent to him. 

A lot of people hate Valentines Day, especially because they are single. 


I am a woman who has never been truly loved --and I love Valentine's Day. Because I love a lot of people. 

I hate a lot of people too, but that's more for Hate Day, which I celebrate with @FUNKbrs

Ok, allow me to be your wing woman now. 

This is the most romantic song on the internet at the moment. I am in love with Judah & the Lion-- I am marrying every member of the band-----but that's another blog post. 

So even if you hate this song---it will work on any female, I promise. 

Tell her you heard a song that reminded you of her. 

Then put it on and ask her to dance. 

In the kitchen, bedroom, living room wherever.

Bonus points if you sing it to her. 

You WILL get laid. I promise. Money back guarantee. Let me know if it doesn't work. 




Posted by HeadMistressSeven - December 30th, 2017

I've set quite a few goals for myself, not really resolutions. 

* I ran my first 5k this December, and while I finished and didn't die, I didn't place either. I want a shiny medal this year, so I am going to start my training NOW. I have my eye on a couple other 5k's as well. 

* I am going to graduate school to get my Masters. Depending on how much I hate that or don't hate it, I might go for my PhD. I'll be 40 by time I finish, but. Yolo. Yall can call me Dr. Seven. 

* I didn't think my art was really any good, but then I went to a function this month with 3 of my paintings, 5 pen and inks, and some hand painted ornaments. It all sold, fast. So I want to make more art this year as well. 

* I am writing a book. I'm not a writer, so we'll see where that goes. But I am finishing it, I am getting an agent, and I am submitting it. I might be rejected. But I'm doing it. 

* I have a lot of health issues, most of which are genetic, but honestly, for the last 3 months, I have been depressed and have not been taking care of myself AT ALL. I am taking back my health. 



Posted by HeadMistressSeven - November 12th, 2017

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you someone who never gets anything and sadly wishes the holidays were over?


I will send you a Christmas card. 

No strings attached. You send me nothing. 

PM (or DM) me your address. I will send you a Christmas card.  It will be a basic, SFW holiday card. It will not have my return address and will be mailed from a town I do not live in. :-) 

I think our lovely TaraLovesHentai will be doing the official Newgrounds Christmas Card Exchange, not sure yet. If she does, I am participating in that too. 

If you are concerned I might murder you or send you bad things, just know I have been sending Christmas cookies to @ZJ, @malachy, @aviewaskewed, @proteas, and @skunkyfluffy every year and none of them are dead yet. 


Posted by HeadMistressSeven - October 28th, 2017

I know it's a few days early, but I went ahead and finished Inktober. I have an insane amount of stuff to do tomorrow and the next day. I wanted to make sure I finished! 


What I learned from Inktober: 

* This was my first time participating. I met tons of kind, amazing artists. 

* All of my drawings are on paper and scanned. I would like to learn how to better use my Wacom tablet, so I can draw digital entries. It appears that's the only way to get front paged etc. I think I am talented, but I need to improve a lot. 

* I am going through a super tough time in my life right now. This challenge helped me a lot. Some days I sat there staring at a blank page with no idea what I'd draw. Some days I was so sad or so angry I drew for hours. Many of my drawings are about what I am going through. 

* I hate a lot of the drawings I posted. I want to completely redo them and resubmit them. But I won't. Art shouldn't be about perfection. It should be about creation. 

Anyway, Have a happy Halloween. 

Yesterday I dressed as Red Riding Hood for work and then after work, I had to go into the store as Red Riding Hood. 

That was fun. 

Ok, I'm gonna go eat Halloween candy in the jacuzzi tub.